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The Relationship Between Your Sinuses and Your Teeth

The fact that your sinuses are connected to your teeth might be something you are not aware of. 

You might experience tooth pain and then you notice you have pain in your sinuses too, but you might be confused about how this happens and maybe you don’t think about the fact that they are actually connected.

The short answer to this dilemma is that your teeth can be closer to your sinus lining than you might think. And when you experience a tooth problem, it can go to your sinus or vice-versa, and this could lead to unexpected complications that may require you to see your Avalon Park dentist

How Are Your Sinuses Connected to Your Teeth?

The sinuses can be found around the nose, cheeks, and above the eyes. The sinuses located around the nose, also known as the maxillary sinuses, are close to your teeth roots. 

The roots of your teeth extend deeply into your gums, and they are supporting your teeth, as well as strengthening them. 

The roots of your upper teeth extend very far, reaching the maxillary sinuses. If you have a dental problem, then it can affect your sinuses too and vice versa. 

How Can a Tooth Problem Affect Your Sinuses?

If you have a sinus infection, you might also experience symptoms that are similar to a toothache.

And it goes the other way around too. When you have tooth pain or a tooth infection, the bacteria and infection can go upward spreading and affecting your sinuses. 

But to identify where the pain is being experienced, it’s important to understand which symptoms are attributed to which issue. 

Symptoms of sinusitis include:

  • Sinus pressure 
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Stuffiness 
  • Discomfort in your nose and sinuses 
  • Low fever 

Symptoms of tooth infection include:

  • Tooth pain 
  • Slight sinus pressure 

The difference is that if you have a tooth infection, you will not get a nasal drip, stuffiness, and other sinusitis symptoms. 

If you experience tooth pain and sinuses pain, it is best to make an appointment with your dentist and get it checked.

There is also the possibility of developing odontogenic sinusitis when the infection originates in the tooth and has moved to the sinuses. This happens because the initial infection was not treated on time, causing your sinuses to get infected. 

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