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Veneers In Orlando

At Elite Dentistry

Cosmetic flaws in your smile can negatively affect your confidence and self-esteem. But at Elite Dentistry, Dr. Mark Ashy is here to help with veneers in Orlando. Veneers are used to cover up a wide variety of aesthetic problems with your teeth, and can restore your smile, your self-confidence, and your appearance. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are a type of cosmetic dentistry treatment, primarily used to treat smile issues like minor chipping, misshapen and uneven teeth, gaps between teeth, and discolored teeth. They are thin, tooth-shaped shells that fit over your existing teeth.

By covering up the front surfaces of your teeth, they provide a seamless, natural, and beautiful appearance. Veneers are highly versatile, and can be used to treat many different cosmetic dentistry issues simultaneously, which makes them a very popular treatment.

How Do Veneers Work? Explaining The Process?

To get veneers, you’ll need to start by scheduling an initial consultation with Dr. Ashy, where he’ll discuss whether or not they’re a good choice for you, and go over all of your options for restoring your smile.

After you’re approved, you’ll come back to Elite Dentistry to have your teeth prepared and to have your veneers fitted. Dr. Ashy will clean and numb your mouth, trim away a thin layer of enamel from the teeth that are getting veneers, and take impressions of the teeth. These will be sent to a dental lab where your porcelain veneers will be made. You’ll be sent home with a set of temporary resin veneers.

Once your permanent veneers are built and sent to our office in 2-3 weeks, you’ll come back for your last appointment with Dr. Ashy. He’ll remove your temporaries and check your permanent veneers to make sure they fit perfectly. Then, they will be bonded into place with dental cement. Dr. Ashy will buff and polish your new smile, then send you home.

What Cosmetic Issues Can Veneers Treat?

Veneers are a long-term solution for minor to moderate cosmetic imperfections in your smile. Veneers cover up discoloration, chips & cracks, eroded enamel, misaligned teeth, gaps, and misshapen or uneven teeth. 

If you wish your teeth were larger, longer, or a different shape, veneers can transform your teeth into whatever you’ve always wanted them to be. While veneers don’t solve the root cause of the problem such as correcting crooked teeth or closing gaps with orthodontic treatment, they effectively cover up these issues so that they don’t interfere with the aesthetics of your smile. 

When orthodontic problems or damage to your teeth are minor, it can be simpler and less time-consuming to simply cover these problems with porcelain veneers that look like natural teeth. 

Since we remove a small amount of tooth enamel in preparation for veneer placement, they don’t stick out and no one will be able to tell that your veneers aren’t your genuine teeth. In this sense, there’s almost no cosmetic problem that can’t be improved with veneers.

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How Do I Care For Veneers?

To keep your smile and veneers healthy, simply maintain good oral hygiene by brushing twice each day, flossing once each day, and seeing Dr. Ashy for routine six-month checkups.

To keep your veneers in good shape, you should also chew hard foods with your rear teeth rather than your front teeth, avoid chewing non-food objects like pens and fingernails, and don’t use your teeth for purposes such as opening bags or ripping tape. This will help prevent the premature damage, cracking, or dislodging of your veneers.

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How Long Do Veneers Last?

Generally speaking, veneers last between 10-20 years with proper care. This makes them the longest-lasting cosmetic dentistry procedure, which is one of the main reasons that they’re so popular.

However, veneers will eventually wear out. Just like natural teeth, they’re exposed to a lot of wear and tear as you bite, eat, and chew. That’s why it’s important to see Dr. Ashy for six-month checkups. Not only will he keep an eye on your oral health, but he will also check your veneers to make sure they’re in great shape, which keeps your smile looking perfect.

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Typical Cost of Veneers

The American Dental Association reports a range of $925 to 2500 per veneer. The cost can vary by location, the expertise of the cosmetic dentist, and how many veneers you are receiving. When patients are transforming their entire smile, they usually place 6 veneers over the front 6 teeth.

However, sometimes a single veneer may be placed to cover a single tooth that is messing with the symmetry of your smile. Since veneers are purely elective cosmetic procedures, dental insurance will not cover the cost.

There may be some cases where an insurance provider will cover veneers if you can prove that they have restorative properties to protect a tooth from damage. However, you will need to contact your insurance provider directly to learn more about the details of what they will cover.

At Elite Dentistry, we offer financing options through CareCredit for patients who don’t have insurance coverage and who need some assistance funding their treatment. We can give you an accurate estimate of the cost of your treatment during your consultation with Dr. Ashy.

Can Veneers be Removed?

Veneers can be removed but they should only be removed under one circumstance – to replace them. Getting veneers is a lifelong commitment because we need to file down your tooth enamel by .5 mm to create enough space for your veneer without it sticking out.

This blends the veneer seamlessly into your smile but it also causes a permanent change to your teeth. Any of your teeth that receive enameloplasty (filing of the enamel) will need to be covered with veneers for the rest of your life to prevent damage.

Your teeth will be far too thin without the veneers and your enamel does not grow back. The good news, however, is that veneers are highly durable and last for up to 15 years. Even though we file down your enamel, the veneers, once bonded to your teeth, will strengthen your teeth and provide a lot of protection.

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