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Avalon Park Restorative Dentistry

When you need to have your mouth restored to a healthy and functional state, restorative dentistry is the way to go. Find out how we can help you specifically by coming in to see us!

Root Canal Therapy

There are many myths that exist about root canals, but here at Elite Dentistry we know how to help save your tooth with root canal therapy. Not only can a root canal save your tooth, it can also save you from losing a tooth or getting sick! If you hesitate about a toothache and don’t know where to turn, come in and see us. The modern root canal is a routine and virtually painless procedure used to remove the infection or problem from your tooth and get you back to your life in no time!

Tooth Extraction
and Wisdom Teeth

Having a tooth extracted is often the last resort, as it is important that you keep your teeth for as long as possible. However, specific circumstances arise that require a tooth to come out, such as significant tooth decay or incoming wisdom teeth. If you need to have a tooth pulled, we can help inform you and give you the options to feel comfortable and in control of the process. To relax throughout the appointment, we can offer nitrous oxide sedation dentistry, and as always, we will use care to numb the area prior to the procedure.

Restoring Dental Implants

A dental implant restoration involves placing a custom dental crown, or replacement tooth, onto a dental implant. Our staff is experienced and trained in helping to restore the crown atop the implant post. We will have you come in to determine the ideal type and shape of dental crown before creating and placing the crown. This will restore your chewing and speaking ability, and allow your mouth to return to a healthy and natural appearance.

Cracked Tooth Restoration

If you cracked a tooth, it can be painful to chew, speak or even clean your teeth. To prevent tooth decay and bacteria from entering a cracked tooth, come in to see your family dentist in Avalon Park where we can use dental bonding or a dental crown to restore the health of your tooth. If the tooth is cracked completely in half, we may recommend removing the tooth and restoring the smile with a replacement tooth or dental implant. Find out what options you have to restore your smile and health with restorative dental care at Elite Dentistry.


Elite Dentistry

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