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If you want to come in and have our team check the status of your dental health, or if you have a specific procedure you know that you need done, request an appointment. You can call the office at 407-658-0103, or you can email us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Elite Dentistry

Dentists nationwide will recommend children’s dentistry. Visiting your family dentist no later than when your child’s first tooth appears (or by their first birthday) will make the difference in being able to monitor your child’s dental health early to prevent tooth decay, teach good oral hygiene habits, and prepare your child for positive dental health in the future.

Preventive dental care is the key to maintaining good oral health in the long-term. Even if you have had fillings placed in the past, you will still need to keep up a good dental hygiene routine for the best results. Due to age or wear over time, we encourage routine visits to the dentist, where your doctor is able to assess the current condition of your dental health to offer healthy treatment options for your individual smile.

Wisdom teeth cleverly earn their name due to the age they typically come in, at age 17-25 on average. Visiting your dentist regularly allows your dentist to monitor the development of your wisdom teeth and even assess how many you have. This allows your dentist to form a preventive treatment plan to remove wisdom teeth if necessary. Seeing the dentist for a tooth extraction or wisdom tooth removal can make a significant difference in how the rest of your teeth and mouth will be affected by this oral condition.

The toothpaste aisle in the grocery store is a great place to get lost! With so many brands promoting so many benefits, it’s not unusual to feel less than confident about your ultimate choice when you grab for a box. Before you reach for a brand promoting tartar control, teeth whitening, or fresh breath, remember that the most important aspect of brushing your teeth is the process of removing food particles from the teeth to prevent tooth decay, cavities, or infection. For the best results for your teeth, choose a toothpaste with fluoride and consider asking your dentist for advice if you have tooth sensitivity.

Tooth decay is a process that can be improved with preventive measures such as regular brushing and flossing, routine visits to the dentist, and lifestyle changes such as choosing healthier foods to eat and reducing snacking over long periods of time. Cavities, however, reveal permanent tooth damage and require the professional care of a dentist, who may repair the damaged tooth with a natural-looking filling.

Payment and Insurance Options

When it comes to paying for your services here at Elite Dentistry, we accept most local PPO plans, and we also offer Care Credit for those who need a bit more help paying for their procedure. Contact us at 407-658-0103 if you want to know more specifics about the type of insurances that we accept.

Post-Op Instructions

After having any specialty procedures done, it is important that you know how to best care for your mouth. Here you can find all of our post-op instructions. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us so that we can answer your questions and keep you healing properly!

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