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Dental Implant Restorations In Orlando

At Elite Dentistry, Dr. Mark Ashy specializes in dental implant restorations in Orlando. Working with a dental lab, Dr. Ashy can create a custom-fitted crown, implant-supported bridge, or set of implant-supported dentures that will allow you to smile brightly once again after tooth loss. Get more details about our dental implant restorations below, or contact us now for a consultation. 

Dental implant consultationWhat Is A Dental Implant Restoration?

A dental implant restoration is the second part of the dental implant placement process. In the first step, you’ll work with a qualified oral surgeon in Orlando to have your implant placed directly into your gums. The implant itself is a small post of titanium that’s shaped like a screw. Once it’s surgically implanted into your gums and jaw bone, it will heal and bond with the jaw bone permanently, acting as an artificial root.

Once the dental implant has healed, it must be completed with a restoration. A dental implant restoration is a prosthetic like a dental crown, a dental bridge, or an implant-supported denture, depending on your particular case. 

These restorations attach directly to your dental implants, and are designed to restore your smile permanently. Because dental implant restorations are securely anchored to an implant, they will never shift or move, and they look and feel completely natural.

The Dental Implant Restoration Process

The process of having a dental implant restoration built will begin a few weeks after your dental implant has been placed. The process of “osseointegration,” which bonds the implant to your jaw bone, takes about 3-6 months. 

During this time, you’ll come into Elite Dentistry for a few follow-up appointments. Dr. Mark Ashy will check your healing progress and ensure that everything looks good. He will also take images and impressions of your teeth and your dental implant, so that he can begin planning your restoration.

This information will be sent to an outside dental lab, along with information about your treatment plan. Then, Dr. Ashy and the dental lab will collaborate, and begin building a dental implant restoration like a crown, an implant-supported bridge, or a set of implant-supported dentures.

Once it’s been built, your restoration will be checked to make sure that it fits properly, and any necessary adjustments can be made. Then, after your dental implant is fully healed, you’ll come back to Elite Dentistry for one final appointment. Dr. Ashy will attach your restoration to your dental implant, completing the procedure and restoring your smile. 

How Often Does My Implant Need To Be Restored?

Mostly, this depends on how well you take care of your dental implant and restoration. If you brush and floss and follow any other necessary at-home care requirements for your crown, bridge or dentures, you can expect them to last between 10-20 years.

However, dental implant restorations do wear out eventually, since they are exposed to constant wear & tear from biting, chewing and more. While your dental implant itself will likely last 30+ years, your restorations may need to be replaced a few times throughout your life.