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five-stars-fb“Setting up the appointment itself was easy. The ladies on the phone were very pleasant and helpful. I had a visual assessment and xray’s completed by the dental assistant (who’s name I cannot remember and feel bad because she was a sweetheart). After a few minutes of going over the xray’s he gave me a treatment plan and options. He took his time going over the process involved with each treatment (using an iPad to show how it’s done) and answered all of my questions. The treatment I received at the office was top class. It was the first time in YEARS I have been to a dentist and haven’t left with pain, feeling ripped off, or lied to.

John H.

five-stars-fb“The office has a very modern and peaceful appeal.  I have been going here for years and my entire family goes to Elite.  They are clean, professional, honest and very caring.  I love the office space and all of the staff are friendly and very quick with your cleanings.  They do an amazing job of keeping notes on you and your family so they know exactly who you are and what they did the prior visit.  I could not be happier with their service. I even notice how they clean as they go along, so you can actually see how clean they keep the office by wiping down the x-ray machine on the spot and the other equipment as well.”

Christina G.

five-stars-fb“My whole family has been going to Dr Ashy since they opened,they are very professional, extremely clean, very helpful staff, friendly & they go out of their way to do everything first class!!”

Leslie A.

five-stars-fb“I love the staff and the environment. I’m always greeted with a smile! My family have been clients of this dentistry from the beginning. They are extremely kind, knowledgeable and detailed. If you are looking for a great service to meet all your dentistry needs, you just found it.”

Kimberly H.

five-stars-fb“For my first patient visit: Tammy, Zamantha, Dr. Ashy and the receptionists were all very friendly, professional and it was an enjoyable experience.
I really appreciated the attention to detail with patient care and how they communicated.”

Paul W.

five-stars-fb“The staff is so great! From the front desk to the chair. I highly recommend this place.”

Frankie R.

five-stars-fb“1st appointment today as the staff were phenomenal. It’s a relief to know how knowledgable and customer friendly people are that can go along way in others lives.”

Jason B.

five-stars-fb“Fantastic service and office felt like a spa. Everyone was super nice and friendly. Really enjoyed my visit and plan to come back!!”

Nat L.

five-stars-fb“Always courteous and friendly staff. I went in for my regular cleaning was promptly brought back on time, my dental technician is always friendly, gentle with my cleanings. Dr. Ashy performed a routine look for any potential problems I might have had with my teeth. Very nice office for you and your families dental needs.”

Steven L.

five-stars-fb“I just got a filling here a few hours ago. It was my first filling ever so I was a little nervous! The people at the front desk are very pleasant. The lady who took me back was very personable and we talked about our summer plans while she got everything set up. She gave me head phones to put on and listen to pandora while they were doing my filling. For children.. They have a tv above the comfy leather chairs where they will put on movies to distract your child during their dental work. The dentist numbed me up good… I didn’t feel a thing the entire time. He was very quick… I was in and out within 35mins! I will certainly be coming back to Elite dentistry!”

Blair A.

five-stars-fb“Elite Dentistry is the office of Dr. Mark Ashy. His office is a nice, hometown dentist office. Dr. Ashy’s office is modern and friendly. He takes his time with patients, and wants them to feel comfortable. I recommend Dr. Ashy and Elite Dentistry!”

Robert H.

“Spa meets Dentist? Oh you read my ever desire Elite! It’s like a retreat for your teeth!

I have been wanting to review Elite Dentistry for quite a bit now! I actually just recommended…neigh, demanded that my dear Kiely go here instead of the so-called dentist that almost damaged his poor teeth.

Mocha leather seats, everything is bamboo-wood, pristine interior, open and mood enhancing with their oils and over-all attitude of ‘you are in a zen like state and not about to be drilled into’…oh you seriously melt away. I was terrorized when I was younger by a failure in Sears back when they had their dentist practice…anyone remember this?…and I begged of my mother not to make me go…anyways Elite makes me actually look forward to my experience in that I know it’s going to be peaceful and utterly anxiety-reducing at all expense.

Dr. Ashy and all of the assistants are just so wonderful too! And from what I remember, they take most insurances too.

And he gets a super gold star from me because he had recommended and gave me a referral to an extraordinary mouth surgeon for getting my root canal…let’s just say that it’s textbook work and raved about by those who see my xrays.

Kickers: Makes going to the dentist actually enjoyable, zen-like, super clean for us OCD freaks but not at the sake of clinical-sterile but like spring water clean-fresh, Dr. Ashy’s young and funny and the assistants are so sweet! Oh and it’s great for kids too!!

Diamondism: Even if it is in Avalon, you seriously should make this your dentist…it brings new meaning to the idea of dental care…it’s teeth zen!”

Nikki D.



"I'm proud to be the neighborhood dentist you can bring your entire family to."

- Dr. Ashy