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Is Smile Direct Club Safe?

Not everyone is blessed with a perfectly straight smile. Some people need to go through months or even years of orthodontic treatments to straighten their teeth.

Thanks to modern dentistry, patients have more options now than the traditional metal braces. Clear aligners like ClearCorrect are increasingly more popular because they can offer a much more discreet way to adjust tooth position.

However, going through the treatment is still a long-term commitment that can include many visits to the orthodontist’s office. This is why at-home services like Smile Direct Club can be so appealing to so many people.

But is it safe to try to straighten your teeth at home?

How Smile Direct Club Works

Smile Direct Club offers people a seemingly more convenient way to get perfectly straight teeth. Instead of going the traditional route of visiting an orthodontist throughout the entire treatment process, Smile Direct Club requires one initial appointment at one of their shops to get a scan of your teeth.

Patients can also opt for the at-home kit and create a mold of their teeth themselves, which is then sent to Smile Direct Club to create the aligners.

Then, the patient’s situation is assessed by Smile Direct Club’s dentists and the patient receives the aligners at home. They will then check it with Smile Direct Club remotely in order to monitor their progress.

How Safe Is Smile Direct Club?

Choosing Smile Direct Club can be risky since you’re not going to in-person meetings where the orthodontist can thoroughly inspect your teeth and the treatment itself. While mild cases of tooth alignment might be easily resolved with at-home kits, more serious conditions will require better supervision than remote consultations.

In fact, Smile Direct Club doesn’t offer treatment plans for severe alignment or jaw issues to begin with, so patients suffering from these conditions should still see an orthodontist.

When it comes to straightening your teeth, the traditional route presents a much safer, and more effective approach.

Why Should You See an Orthodontist?

Orthodontists specialize in correcting tooth misalignment and lead patients to an optimal bite and smile. This means you can rest assured you will get the appropriate treatment plan no matter the severity of your condition.

Additionally, the process itself needs to be adapted in real time. Every person responds differently to the metal braces or ClearCorrect trays, and it’s important to closely monitor your progress to make sure you are on the right path.

How Elite Dentistry Can Help

Avalon Park dentist Dr. Mark Ashy specializes in orthodontic care and will help you access the best course of action for your specific condition. If you suffer from tooth alignment issues, we encourage you to stop by for a consultation.

To get started, please book an appointment at Elite Dentistry online, or call our office directly at (407) 658-0103 to find out more about our services.


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