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Is It Safe To See The Dentist During COVID-19?

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to cause major disruptions to our everyday lives, and you may be wondering if it’s safe to see the dentist during this difficult time. Can you really get the preventive dental care you need in a safe environment?

At Elite Dentistry, the answer is “yes!” Dr. Ashy is taking your health and well-being seriously. Our team members have implemented a large number of different precautions and safety standards to protect your health and safety at our office. Read on for more information, or contact us now for an appointment.

Patient Check-Ins & Social Distancing At Our Office

We are asking all patients to fill out questionnaires with some questions about recent travel habits, whether or not they have experienced any symptoms related to COVID-19, and exposure to other people who are known to have tested positive for COVID-19.

In addition, we have reconfigured our waiting area to provide proper distance between patients. We also ask that you come alone to your appointment unless you require assistance getting into and out of our office, or are supervising a child. 

Our team has also made some changes to how we schedule patients to allow for more time between each visit, and minimize the number of people who are in our office at any given time. This further decreases the risk of spreading an infection virus like COVID-19.

PPE & Face Coverings

All of our front office team members are now wearing face masks, and we ask that each patient who enters our office wear a face mask to protect themselves and our team members. Along with social distancing, mask wearing has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of minimizing COVID-19 spread.

Our dental team members are also wearing additional PPE when appropriate, including face shields, gowns, caps, and even shoe coverings. You’ll notice that Dr. Mark Ashy and our team look a bit different, but we’ll offer the same level of excellent dental care to each and every patient. 

Frequent Disinfection Of Common Areas & Enhanced Operatory Cleaning

We have always followed all requirements and regulations related to cleaning and sanitizing patient operatories between each patient, including sterilizing and switching out used dental tools and equipment, disinfecting hard surfaces, and using barriers for hard-to-clean surfaces like chairs. However, our team has now redoubled our efforts to make sure that each patient has a safe, comfortable, and clean experience at Elite Dentistry.

We are also frequently spraying and wiping down commonly-touched surfaces such as doorknobs, bathroom surfaces, countertops, chairs, tables, and other areas in our waiting area and other common areas where patients may spread viruses and bacteria. This ensures you get peace of mind. 

Get The Dental Care You Need In Orlando – Come To Elite Dentistry

Your safety and oral health are our top concerns at Elite Dentistry. So if you’re overdue for routine preventive care like a teeth cleaning or you have any other dental issue, don’t wait. Contact us online or give us a call at (407) 658-0103 to schedule a consultation right away. 

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